There are certain controversial claims around users of steam and sauna rooms. Both causes sweating that some naturopath claims helps removing toxins from our body. Some profess that saunas are more effective as they eliminate more toxins from blood due to higher temperatures. However, opinions are there that claim cleansing properties of both sauna and steam rooms are not supported by researches. Similarly, there are opinions claiming that saunas are more effective in controlling weight loss.
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Running upon treadmills helps in burning a lot of calories. Further, exercising upon treadmills is more effective than general walking. According to research, a 155-pound individual can burn close to 372 calories after doing 30 minutes of cardio (running or brisk walking) upon a treadmill. Working on treadmills and lifting light weights can result in having an athletic body. During such a 30-minute cardio session upon the equipment, the individual’s speed must be 10 km (6 miles) per hour. If you work out faster than the mentioned speed, then the weight loss will be intense and quick.